Where to Stay in Venice With Kids: A Review of the Palazzo Paruta Hotel

Where to stay with Kids in Venice: A Review of the Palazo Paruta hotel in Venice, Italy.

This a review from the Wife of TravelShaun (She was quite impressed with the people at this hotel)

Venice had long been one of my bucket list items. There was just something intriguing about a city built on the water, with all transportation in, out and through the city done via boat or gondola. So when we had an opportunity to visit the city this past fall we jumped at the chance. While we typically do not spend too much time in hotel room, we still try to make sure that whatever hotel we stay in is a pleasant place to be because at the end of the day you want to relax and feel comfortable in your room and be ready to recharge for the next day. In addition, the room is always something that our kids get excited about. We spent time researching various hotels online and narrowed it down to Palazzo Paruta. We have found in Europe space is a commodity. When travelling with 2 children, it can be a challenge to find a room that fits all four of us and is still affordable. Palazzo Paruta was one of the few that we found that fit the bill. On top of that, location was key, we wanted to make sure that we were within walking distance of some of the main attractions such as St. Mark’s Square (about a 10 minute walk).

View from bridge into the Palazzo Paruta Hotel

One of the things that we discovered when we were planning this trip was that you have to catch a 30-minute boat taxi from the airport. This was one of the first great impressions of the city. While this was not cheap (approximately $100 each direction), it does leave you in awe as you start to enter the city and take in the beauty of this very unusual city. Our taxi pulled up to a near-by dock and helped us unload our bags and let us know that we arrived at our location. There was not a whole lot more instruction…and there we were standing at the dock with two tired yet excited children and all of our luggage and no clue where to go from there. Fortunately, as mentioned in previous articles, we like to travel light so the kids could help carry their own bags. Venice is filled with narrow alleys and not a whole lot of signage and very poor cellular reception making Google Maps virtually useless. Walking through the alleys and up and down stairs, over bridges and cobble stone walkways with our rolling suitcases, we eventually found our way after about 15 minutes of walking, even though the hotel was probably, at best, only 5 minutes away. This initial frustration quickly eased as we entered this very unassuming hotel from the outside. The hotel staff, in a small but quaint lobby, immediately greeted us. The bellman offered to carry our bags up to our room as we were instructed to take a small narrow set of stairs up to our room. As we entered our room we were surprised to find a room that was quite large and beautifully ornate. There was a large king size bed with large wooden posts and beautiful sea foam green drapery covering the headboard of the bed and the windows. The kids slept on a pull out couch and the room had lovely antique wood floors. With water surrounding us from each window we felt like we had been transported to a different time.

palazzo-paruta-hotel-review venice-lobby-wiht the kids
Palazzo Paruta Hotel Venice,italy lobby Venice

That being said, we did immediately find that there were several mosquitos in our room that were likely an ongoing problem due to the standing water surrounding the hotel. In addition, one of the other things we do as light travelers is wash our clothes in each location. While the Palazzo Paruta appeared to have heated towel racks, they did not seem to work and the natural moistness in the air caused our clothes to take all three days to air dry, just in time for us to leave the city. All in all, these were small inconveniences.


There was a lovely little restaurant just outside hotel room and morning buffet breakfast was included in the price of our room. The food was delicious, and traveling from Hawaii meant that we the first ones to head to breakfast each morning and had the entire restaurant to ourselves.

Our Daughter standing on the bridge to the front entrance of the palazzo Paruta hotel in Venice, Italy

Overall the Palazzo Paruta met our expectations of being impossibly adorable and quintessentially Venetian. However, the part that truly set the Palazzo Paruta apart from other hotel experiences was at the very end of our trip. We had an 8am flight out of Venice so we planned to leave at approximately 5:30am to catch our 30-minute boat taxi. Upon our arrival at the airport we immediately noticed that we were missing something very important, our 5 year old daughters backpack. We knew immediately that we did not have time to go back to try and find it, nor did we even know where we left it. Looking over at our daughter, we saw her eyes begin to well and then full out crying as she declared that her favorite “Fluffy Bunny” was in her backpack. We called the hotel who had arranged our taxi to see if it had been left on the boat. The hotel manager called the taxi driver to no avail, the backpack was not there. So at 6am, the hotel manager, sent his only other employee on duty at the time to walk the 5 minutes to the dock and low and behold found the backpack there. They took the time and effort to go the extra mile to save our behinds and make one very sad little girl have hope again. They offered to have her backpack shipped back from Venice, Italy all the way to Hawaii. We arrived home on a Friday afternoon and by Monday, FedEx was delivering “Fluffy Bunny”. Our daughter was ecstatic and we were finally out of the doghouse. The staff at the Palazzo Paruta did not need to send someone down to the dock since he did not have the staff on hand to spare, but he did not even question it. I think that speaks volumes for the type of customer service that you should expect from this quaint Venetian hotel. Should we ever return to Venice, we would absolutely stay at the Palazzo Paruta again.

Here is a link to their website: for the record I make no compensation on this and I got no compensation to stay at the hotel. I did however appreciate them greatly so here’s my way of giving back to them and helping you on your worldly travels!


Pro-tip: the Palazzo Paruta Hotel is hard to find. Hard enough that I am including a picture of the front of the hotel from the foot of the bridge that obscures it below.

The bridge obscures the view of the Palazzo Paruta hotel in Venice
This is the square that the Palazzo Paruta hotel is at the corner of.

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